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What a weekend.... [Nov. 9th, 2005|01:16 pm]
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Today is Wednesday. Ummmm... Dont know where to start. It was an amazing weekend. It started out on Thursday.... the convention started... Our 3rd annual G12 Convention in Miami once again at the James L. Knight in downtown. This time it was special. It was supposely called a Miracle Convention because it was still held despite the hurricane and many people who came from all over even though WILMA had passed 2 weeks ago. The conferences were awesome... the people were nice... I worked for the convention and it was a bit hectic. The grand finale was perfect with Ps. Cesars preach. This convention I got to chill with more outsiders which was cool. I met more people from Louisiana (Morgan, Kristie, etc). On friday night i ate with a group from Atlanta (Ashley, Angie, Chantel, Emmanuel, etc) and we were singing in the streets as we walk to chili's @ bayside. I also met a chic from Spain... her name is Anabel and she was a sweetie.And finally the convention ended on Sat. night but some people stayed for a couple more days so we took out Ashley (from Atl) to south beach and it was weird. There are crazy people there... REALLY! So we just ate @ Johnny Rockets. Then on Mon. I came to work and found out that my leaders grandpa passed away sun. night. He was Ps. Claudia dad. That was sad. We saw the entire family at Aventura Mall but we did know what to say. We knew they were sad so we wanted to get away and let them be by themselves with family but they invited us to the movies I guess to distract their mind so we went with them and saw Chicken Little. BTW that movie rocks. ITs the cutest movie. Jay from LA was still here so he met up with us. Then we said bye to the castellanos family.. but it sadden me to see them so sad. What do you tell someone when they lose a loved one? I felt awkward. So then Jay wanted to go out cause it was his last night. We ended up going to NMB Alehouse. We had a good time.

Yesterday was the wake and it was soooo sad. I cried just seeing the family suffer. They had peace though because God gave them strength. You know I noticed that its different when the family is Christian and when it is non-Christian. When it is a Christian family there is a sense of peace and hope in the family. Yes they are sad but they know everything will be fine because they know where their loved one is at. However.... when the family is non-Christian... they are sad as well but there is no peace... they really dont know where they are. You know... its different because God puts a peace that surpasses all understanding.... and I know that the Castellanos family is gonna be ok. And tomorrow is the burial. So yeah.... if guys can, pray for the Castellanos family. Thanks.  Later.

P.S. The convention motivated me to dream of greater things so Im gonna add Puerto Rico, California, Altlanta, Colombia, and Australia in my dreambook from now to 2006!!!


[User Picture]From: anarchick
2005-11-10 05:45 am (UTC)
may their grandpa may rest in peace with the lord
it hard to lose someone close trust me i lost a father
on the bright side ..................sorry
the convention was awesome
ppl from altanta are wild with jesus
see you
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