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boGOta, HERE I COME BABY!!!!! [Sep. 7th, 2006|04:47 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedsuper psyched!!!!!]
[Current Music |Soulfire: Follow]

Guys.. Im soo psyched!! Im going to COLOMBIA!! again! Im flying on Sun. 9/10 and coming back in a week.. Yayy! Its for the G12 annual Intl Youth Convention!!! I went last year and it was dabomb.com..... But this time Hillsong United isnt gonna go.... BUT Delirious? an awesome band from UK... They were the band that inspired hillsong...  :)  SO yeah and Lore and Soulfire will perform... We are expecting like 60,000 people from all over so i know its gonna be good... I cant believe Im going!! I so need this... i havent had a vacation in more than a yr... and this isnt really a vacation yet its soo much better than one. . I know amazing things are gonna happen and that I wont come back the same.. Im gonna come back refreshed and renewed :) This event will definitely mark my life... Last yr it did and i know this yr its gonna be even better..  I already got permission from all of my professors and they had no prob.. My boss was fine w/ it also.. 

I cant wait.. Im gonna see my leader, Colombia, mountains, multitudes, the coliseum, recieve, hear the best charlas, see nice people, and pretty much have the best time yet!! 

I'll post more laters...

[User Picture]From: anarchick
2006-09-08 01:35 am (UTC)
i evny you....na i dont
wow i wish i could go
but no more holidays for me
until done with everything!!!
JOcy .....you are awesome
have fun!!! tell lore that
i say :HI!!!!!!!!!
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[User Picture]From: funnyhoney
2006-09-08 06:10 pm (UTC)
Hey, I hope u have tons of fun and be safe!

Miss u! Take care=)
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[User Picture]From: anarchick
2006-09-21 01:28 pm (UTC)
HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
te queso mucho !!!!!!!
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